There are little girls somewhere saddened by this news. Prodigy, the lead singer of the group Mindless Behavior is leaving. Without Prodigy the sound of the group will change drastically as his vocals supported majority of their tracks. But could this be the opportunity the other members need to shine?

The news doesn’t come as a surprise…Prodigy has looked unhappy to be apart of the group for quite some time. During one of the groups last 106 & Park appearances Prodigy seemed to struggle through the interview as if something was troubling him. Other members carried the interview as Prodigy just played the background, it was obviously not interested in being interviewed and now we know he wasn’t interested in being there period.

Over the weekend Craig ‘Prodigy’ Crippen’s mother made that announcement that her son, the lead singer, was no longer part of the group. Rumors say that young singer Jacob Lattimore maybe considered for the opening in the group.


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